AMPHA Z32 "The ideal machine for onsite pollen viability analysis"

Amphasys new-generation flow cytometer is a plug & play device designed to blend simplicity with flexibility. The absence of optical components reduces set-up times and maintenance to a minimum. There are no time-consuming sample preparation procedures and expensive fluorescent dyes. Latest generation digital signal processing electronics are specifically tailored to Amphasys’ semi-disposable chips, such that best-of-class impedance analysis on single cells is achieved.

The small dimensions of AmphaTM Z32 and the robustness of the electrical measurement provide a mobile and portable solution for any kind of cell analysis, be it in your laboratory or out-side in the field. Designed initially for research purposes, Ampha Z32 is now purchase adobe pro particularly suitable for routine applications, where detailed, high-quality cell analyses and ease-of-use are major requirements.

AK-EP100 (Plant leaf sampling for genomic extraction)

The AK-EP100 is a base model of the third generation of punchers and is intended for laboratories with lower throughput or simple test scenarios.

AK-EP100 is designed for improved ergonomics, ease of maintenance, reduced weight and compatible with USB connectivity.

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