The Formulatrix Mantis – Highly Reproducible Liquid Handling for Genomics Research

The Mantis, a microfluidic liquid handler designed for genomics research and other applications, guarantees highly reproducible reagent dispensing from 100 nL up to milliliters in any SLAS format 96-, 384-, or 1536-well microplate.

This simple solution for any assay development, qPCR, NGS, or cell culture workflow saves researchers time associated with routine liquid handling tasks, allowing researchers to refocus on experimental design and data analysis.

With a dead volume of just 6 µL, the Mantis allows labs across the globe to process more samples, increasing throughput, enhancing efficiency, and promoting discovery in translational research that is essential to the development of novel therapeutics.

The Formulatrix Tempest – An Ultra-Efficient Solution for Screening in Drug Discovery

The Tempest, a high-throughput microfluidic liquid handler designed for drug screening, guarantees highly reproducible, low dead volume, reagent dispensing from 200 nL up to milliliters.

This ultra-efficient solution for drug discovery workflows facilitates simultaneous, variable volume, reagent addition across 96 wells in under 3 seconds offering scientists maximum precision across and between plates.

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