Andrew+ liquid handling robot


Andrew+ liquid handling robot

The pipetting robot using conventional electronic pipettes, allowing any scientist to move to automation without any robotics or engineering knowledge.

Easy laboratory automation

The Andrew+ liquid handling robot is based upon 5 years of market feedback from many hundreds of users, and builds on the success of the Andrew Pipetting Robot. It can now do even more than automate pipetting, through an expanding range of Andrew+ accessories.

Andrew+ is part of the OneLab ecosystem, executing laboratory protocols designed in OneLab.  This flexible architecture enables you to effortlessly transition from laborious manual pipetting procedures to error-free, fully-robotized lab workflows – without any knowledge of programming, laboratory robotics or automation engineering.

Controlled by OneLab

Single and multi-channel pipetting

Andrew+ is compact

Flexible working deck and tools for all your needs

0.2uL to 10ml Pipetting Range