Flex Robotic ARM


Flex Robotic ARM

Flex robotic arm is the world’s first collaborative four-axis SCARA robot. The ability to work safely alongside humans makes Flex the number one choice for laboratory automation. Flex robotic arm is fast, reliable, easy to setup and teach.

Flex features a Guidance Motion Controller (embedded in the robot’s structure) that provides many advanced features such as kinematics for Cartesian control; gravity balanced free mode teaching that allows the robot to be taught by manually leading the gripper. When combined with our Genera dynamic scheduler, Flex is a simple and cost effective way to start automating your laboratory



Flex includes a safety feature which disables motor power when a small amount of force is encountered during a run.


When powered by Genera, you can have peace of mind that Flex will reliably handle all your lab samples.


Flex can be moved by hand to desired locations during teaching procedures. To teach a nest location, the operator clicks on a single button in the Genera teach pendant to record the robotic arm’s current position.


Vertical reach: 400mm, 750mm or 1160mm Z-Axis.

Horizontal reach: 575mm standard or 729mm extended.

Linear rails: 1m, 1.5m or 2m.

Precision: 0.2mm.

Maximum speed: 500mm/sec with 500g payload.

Maximum acceleration: 0.2G with 500g payload.

Payload: 1kg with the gripper.

Weight: 20kg for standard version.

Interfaces: RS-232, 10/100 MBytes Ethernet, E-Stop.

Add ons: Customized gripper fingers, barcode scanner, aluminium teach plate.