All modules are optimized for automation and slot perfectly onto the deck of the OT-2.

Thermocycler Module

The world’s most-affordable fully automated thermocycler. Enjoy fast, accurate throughput comparable to machines 5x the price — and get more done in the lab.

  • Verified and tested for Opentrons products
  • Pipette samples on the deck of the OT-2
  • Lid opens and closes automatically
  • Program lid temperatures up to 110℃

Temperature Module

The Temperature Module is an easy-to-use hot and cold plate module that holds reagents at temperatures between 4°C and 95°C.

  • Securely fits on the deck of the OT-2 robot
  • Place 96-well plates and other labware directly on deck
  • Add an aluminum block to hold 1.5mL and 2mL tubes, as well as PCR strips

Magnetic Module

The Magnetic Module can engage and disengage strong ferrous magnets with your labware. Use it for magnetic bead based protocols such as:

  • Two adjustable plate brackets
  • Supports standard and deep well labware
  • Supports various magnetic bead products