Vertical Electrophoresis units


About Vertical Electrophoresis

Preventing leaking gels

The two most important things to be aware of when casting gels using the caster systems are:

  • That the glass plates have been inserted into the casting or gel running module on a flat surface.
  • That the spacers are flush with the bottom edges of the glass plates.

Perfect alignment of spacers can be guaranteed using the new glass plates with bonded spacers.

Overcome polymerisation problems

If you are experiencing problems obtaining good polymerisation adjacent to spacers and combs then this can be overcome by pre-soaking
the combs and spacers in distilled water or a 10% solution of ammonium persulphate.

Avoiding over-tightening

Over-tightening the cam pins on the casting systems is a common cause of problems when using these units. Cams should only be tightened
just until appreciable pressure is felt.

Low cost
Injection moulded construction

Durable, leak-proof environment for complete safety and long life.

Easy to use

Leak proof “Plug and Go” casting dams allow gels to be rapidly cast externally while the tank remains in use for electrophoresis.