Microbial Lab Awesomation!

Go Automation!


CO₂ incubators

GS Biotech - Scotland


Most Economical Liquid Handler

Opentrons - USA


Identify your chemical in seconds!!!

Serstech - Sweden

Static 2

Ultra Deep Freezer, -80 degC and -20 degC

Angelantoni Life Science - Italy

Lab Automation

Automated Pipetting System
Liquid Handling System
Custom Integration Robot
High Throughput Screening
Microbial Pinning Robot
Automated Colony Picker
Scheduling Software

Lab Instruments

LAF & Biosafety Cabinet
Freeze Dryer
Autoclave & Steam Sterilization
Multimode Microplate Reader
Centrifuge and Shaker
Imaging & Microscopy
Somatic Cell Counter

Lab Consumables

Robotic compatable Tips
MIicroPlate & Deep well plate
Universal Pipetting tips
SNP Genotyping Reagent
DNA Extraction Kit
Electrophoresis Kit
PCR Reagent


Black Color is sentimentally bad but, every black board makes the students life bright..! – Dr. kalam